The B40 labeling scale combines all the innovations and benefits already consolidated in its previous lines with a new interaction experience for the customer through its exclusive high definition display for advertising and information about the product sold.

They are recommended for all food retail companies, especially supermarkets. Know more.


The high definition advertising display (Full HD) displays promotional images, partnerships with suppliers and information about the products being sold.

It is possible to manage and schedule ads and advertisements.

Dynamic messages may be published
promotional with texts or images for automatic display, helping to offer products, publicize, carry out promotions while the operation is carried out.

Heavy product images and information are displayed in a more attractive and clear way for the consumer, enabling greater interaction even during service and offering a different shopping experience.

A difference of the B40 scale is that the display advertising is exclusively for advertisements and information about the product sold.


The new printing mechanism offers high quality printing of information, as well as perfection and precision in cutting continuous labels, including security labels (labels with perforations).

The B40 guillotine makes the labeling process of weighable products more agile. And externally, it was designed to offer greater protection against the entry of residue and liquids into the internal parts, especially the set of blades.

Reduce costs by 15 to 50%!

Labels with variable sizes are always printed using the smallest area possible, saving a lot of paper and always maintaining an optimized aesthetic standard.

Due to Urano’s variable size label printing technology, it makes it possible to adopt a single roll pattern for all sectors of the store and optimizes the operation of those sectors that use two or more label sizes.

Conventional label printing – Paper waste

Variable size label printing – Paper saving

A single roll for multiple label sizes: saving paper and supply costs = sustainable consumption.

Another unique difference is that it does not issue blank labels during printer setup, avoiding paper waste.

The scale does not stop operating while receiving the load, it happens quickly and simultaneously. More agility and efficiency in service. Load types:

1) Automatic: when activated, the scale automatically checks, every minute, whether there is new data on the FTP server, updating its internal product register.

2) Manual: at any time, by entering a password, the operator can request the scale to be loaded.

It has an adjustment system that allows the keyboard angle to be changed, thus offering better ergonomics to the operator and preventing repetitive strain injuries.

Using the Urano Integra software, the user can configure the quick access keyboard for up to 78 products and choose to use the same configuration on all scales in a sector.

This simplifies the equipment configuration process and enables faster customer service.

The Urano Integra software also makes it possible to configure and generate images of customized slides from the quick access keyboard, with the names or codes of the heaviest products in each sector, for printing and use.

The battery gives the B40 mobility for use anywhere in the store, in flash promotional actions, or in areas without electricity points, and autonomy for approximately 600 60x30mm labels. It has a battery charge level indicator to control the use of the equipment with the battery.

The B40 has internal memory for up to 999,999 products. For each one, there is space for nutritional information and up to 22 lines of 56 characters each for additional data (such as recipes). Product updates are carried out on the network (FTP). This offers broad flexibility to meet the needs of the most varied retail establishments, from small entrepreneurs to hypermarkets.

Product registration can be carried out using the Urano Integra software, or by importing data from the customer management system.

Product registration screen via Urano Integra


Allows individual registration of the PREDETERMINED TARE value for all 999,999 memory products. More agility in daily operations.

Together with the Urano Integra software, the B40 scale works with the printing of smart labels that enable the automation of weighing processes and for the Traceability and validity control of products.




The scale generates a unique and exclusive sequential number (Unique Identifier – ID) with information about each operation performed. With Code 128 Urano on the label, it is possible to obtain all weighing information, avoiding the sale of expired products at the checkout and facilitating the management of product expiration dates.


The scale prints labels with weighing information and the 2D code (QR Code and Datamatrix) with digital link, which enables management, traceability, validity control and a differentiated purchasing experience for the end consumer. Urano is a 2D solution provider for GS1 Brasil.


Passo 1

Preparação das embalagens com os
produtos fracionados, com etiquetas
inteligentes Urano.

Passo 2

Os produtos pré-embalados são
cadastrados no estoque do sistema
de gestão do cliente e, depois,
postos à venda nas gôndolas.

Passo 3

Ao passar algum produto vencido
pelo scanner do frente de caixa,
o software de PDV* identifica o
produto com a validade vencida.

Passo 4

(Em etiquetas com código 2D)
Ao realizar a leitura do código Datamatrix
ou QR Code com digital link impresso na
etiqueta, o cliente é direcionado ao
produto de forma inteligente na nuvem e,
com isso, acessa a uma variedade de
conteúdos e serviços.

Parallel to controlling the validity of products, the manager will be able to carry out traceability and management of pre-packaged products, comparing the demand report from the Urano Integra software with the sales report from your management system. There is the possibility of integrating the scale and the customer’s system via API.

If the numeric keyboard (16 keys) presents problems, it is possible to use the quick access keyboard (40 keys) to replace it, using the keyboard transposition operation.

Keyboard, battery and printer module can be replaced without breaking the seal.

The user can replace the keyboard and battery.

URANO DIFFERENTIAL – The B40’s printing mechanism cover can be opened almost completely, which makes cleaning or changing the thermal head easier, preventing damage to the printing mechanism.

• TCP/IP communication – Wi-Fi/Ethernet.

• Operator displays:
– five digits for indicating net weight;
– six digits to indicate the price per kilo;
– four digits for the predetermined tare;
– six digits for indicating the total price.
Customer displays:
– five digits for indicating net weight;
– six digits to indicate the price per kilo;
– four digits for the predetermined tare;
– six digits for indicating the total price.
– 7-inch Full HD exclusively for advertising and information
of the product sold.

• Keyboards:
– a 40-key sealed membrane keyboard;
– a 16-key membrane sealed keyboard.

• Two operating modes: direct mode and code mode.

• Programmable manufacturing and expiration dates.

• Tare and Default Tare functions.

• Packer mode operation.

• Operation with unit sales products.

• Label printing operation with barcode only.

• Internal memory for up to 999,999 products.

• Plastic keyboard protection cover (optional).

• Built-in battery and break-free system.

• Prints labels with variable size or with GAP.

• Barcodes that the B40 prints: EAN13, Code 128 Urano,
Databar, Datamatrix and QR Code (with or without digital link).

• Compatible with Anvisa’s RDC 429/20.

• Capacity x division: 6kg/15kg/30kg x 2g/5g/10g – triple scale. (0 to 6 kg, 2g division; 6.005 to 15kg, 5g division and from 15.010 to 30kg, 10g division).
• Stainless steel dish dimensions: 350 x 400mm.
• Scale dimensions (LAP): 400 x 140 x 590mm.
• Stainless steel printing mechanism, with guillotine.
• Scale weight (with battery): 10.3kg.

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